Dry Ice Cleaning - Applications


The versatility of Dry Ice Cleaning


 Asbestos removal
Removal of bitumen-based tack coats
 Automotive industry

Removal of separating agent, removal of welding splashes, cleaning grease and paint residue, removal of separating agent in foam seat production, cleaning the conveyor belt

 Aviation and aerospace industry

Landing gear components, aeroplane parts, motors, machi-ne cleaning, electronic components, tarmac

 Building- and street cleaning

Facades, walls, timber framework, streets, floors, tiles, sto-nes, underground car parks, escalators, graffiti removal and much more

 Ceramics industry
Ceramic diving figures, machine parts
 Chemical industries / semi-conductor industry
Immersion baths, all types of systems
 Construction firms 

Gravel and mobile concrete factories, building protection, fa-cade, cleaning, monument maintenance, building cleaning, bridge sanitation, fountain cleaning

 Electrical industry

Electrical cabinet cleaning, transformer cleaning, chip clea-ning

 Fire damage and building restoration

Restoration of objects to original condition, cleaning sen-sitive components soot removal, surface treatment for fresh paint

Separating and binding agents from moulds and die casts
 Food industry 

Breweries, bakeries, cheese dairies, butchers, slaughter houses, cleaning ovens, conveyor belt systems, tanks, machinery, malt stirring systems and the entireproduction area

 Mineral oil concerns / refineries 

Tank cleaning, machinery, cable and pipe systems

 Rail companies 
Graffiti removal, track cleaning 
 Painting and decorating firm 
Degreasing walls, removing paint

 Plastic industry   

Cleaning moulds, deburring parts, cleaning tools

 Polystyrene industry 
Plugged holes can be cleaned particularly well
 Printing shops 

Cleaning rotary systems, developing baths, gravure printing machines, gravure printing cylinders, ink baths, printing accessories, anilox rollers, coating embossing foils, textile printing systems

 Public utility companies  

Electric power stations, generators, turbines, underground train shafts, escalator cleaning, removal of chewing gum

 Ships & boats 

Ship hulls, paint removal, osmosis treatment, removal of moss, descaling, removal of rust bloom

 Shoe manufacturing 
Removal of separating agents from shoe sole moulds
Removal of separating and binding agent
 Steel-, metal and mechanical engineering
Cleaning in all product areas
 Tyre production 
Removal of residue from vulcanisation from tyre presses
 Individual areas of technology 
 Nuclear power station:  turbine cleaning 
 Photo sensors:    removing silicone from lenses 
 Generators:    cleaning the coils 
 Forestry:   removal of vermin from trees 
 Freight forwarders:  cleaning tanks and containers 
 Ski manufacturers:    removal of grease and similar
 substances during production
 Electro motors:    cleaning motors and removal
 of paint
 General:    stone staircases, floors,
 removal of chewing gum, urine
 scale removal and much more