Dry Ice Cleaning - Advantages

    The advantages of dry ice cleaning   |   What do you need for dry ice cleaning?  

The advantages of dry ice cleaning to other cleaning methods

Low disposal costs
No damage to the parts being cleaned
Avoidance of cleaning chemicals
Abrasion-free use
Short cleaning times
Thorough cleaning
Reduction of downtimes
Simultaneous disinfection
 Save costs - increase returns

The illustration shows how incidental costs for conventional cleaning are considerably higher than for cleaning with dry ice pellets.

Incidental costs
Conventional cleaning CO2 cleaning
 Storage of cleaning agent 
 Costs of cleaning agent
 Total transportation
 Heating, ventilation
 Filter, MAK value
 Tool costs
 Follow-up work
 Treatment, disposal 
 Loss of production 

What do you need for dry ice cleaning?

 DIS Dry Ice Systems
From 1,5 m/min delivery rate and 6 bar operating pressure   DIS dry ice blasting system
Stationary or mobile         
 Safety measures
 Dry Ice Pellets
  Ear protection
Produced by DIS pelletizer or available from technical gas suppliers   Safety goggles
Thermobox for storage of the dry ice (3 mm pellets)   Safety gloves
      Work clothing
      Sufficient fresh air