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Pneumatic Blasting System

 Nano-Jet Basic - The starter -
 Net weight:  30 kg (66 Ibs), stainless steel housing
   35 kg (77 Ibs) with blast pressure regulation and pellet regulation  
 Dimensions:  (W x L x H) 340 x 430 x 655 mm (13 x 17 x 26 inch)
 Dry ice filling capacity:  10 kg (22 Ibs)
 Dry ice consumption:  max. 75 kg/h (165 Ibs)
 Operating pressure:  max. 10 bar (145 psi)
 Blasting pressure:   max. 10 bar (145 psi)  
 Compressed air consumption:  2,5 m/min - 6,5 m/min, depending on the selected nozzle
 Compressed air requirements:  clean, oil-free, free of foreign bodies and dry
   (pressure dew point below 10 C)
 Compressed air connection:  DIN 3489 claw coupling
 Power connection:  not necessary, system works purely pneumatically
 Noise:  60 dB (A) - 120 dB (A), depending on nozzle combination and
   surface of the object being blasted
 Article number:  260 000
 Article number:   PELLETREG - with pellet regulation
 Article number:   STRAHLDRUCKNANO - with blast pressure regulation
 Data Sheet: (130 KB) Nano-Jet Basic