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Scrambler (Dry Ice Mill)

 Scrambler - Undreamt of possibilities -
   no damage to delicate components
   cleaning open grooves and undercuts
   even blasting pattern
   increased efficiency
   clean delicate parts sparingly with dry ice powder
Dry Ice Mill
Device for grinding dry ice pellets

The blasting system is filled with conventional 3 mm dry ice pellets. The pellets enter the scrambler where they are compressed and reduced to crystalline particles of approximately 0.5 mm in size between two rollers working in opposite directions. The particles accelerate the cooling of the workpiece and thus increase the removal effect without having an abrasive effect. This mechanism is particularly suitable for cleaning control cabinets, printed circuit boards, generators, welding lines, printing machines, casting moulds, facades, glass etc.

  Technical specification
Data Sheet (100 KB)  Scrambler
 Article number:  910 000  - pneumatic
 Article number:  910 003  - electric

Compressed Air

 Compressed air heater

The blasting air is heated to approximately 70C using the compressed air heater. This prevents condensation forming on the object being cleaned which is indispensible when cleaning control cabinets or delicate compo-nents. The compressed air heater is placed between the source of com- pressed air (compressor) and blasting system.

 Material:  aluminium frame 
 Dimensions:  (W x L x H) 470 x 400 x 665 mm
   (18 x 16 x 26 inch)
 Weight:   15 kg (33 ibs) 
 Power connection:  100 V - 240 V, 6,9 A - 3,3 A, 50/60 Hz,
   CEE 17 grounding
 Power:  1300 W
 Compressed air connection:  DIN 3489 claw coupling
 Maximum operating pressure:  16 bar (230 psi)
 Article number:  DL 050 19

 Ultra light compressed air hose 1,5"

The compressed air hose is the connection between the compressor and the blasting system with an inner diameter of 38 mm, including a stainless steel claw coupling (as per DIN 3489).

Available in the following lengths:
 3 meter  Article number:  530 003
 5 meter  Article number:  530 005
 10 meter  Article number:  530 010
 15 meter  Article number:  530 015
20 meter  Article number:  530 020
40 meter  Article number:  530 040
60 meter  Article number:  530 060

 Compressed air connection kit
consisting of:
1  1" i+a DIN 3489 claw coupling (internal and external tread)
2  3/4" i+a DIN 3489 claw coupling (internal and external tread)
3  1/2" i+a DIN 3489 claw coupling (internal and external tread)
4  1 1/4" i+a DIN 3489 claw coupling (internal and external tread)
5  1" ball valve
6  PTFE sealing tape
 Article number:   DL 050 06 

 Pressure regulator - external

The pressure regulator is an external controller (1") for compressed air bet-ween the compressor and the blasting system with DIN 3489 stainless steel claw coupling on both sides.

Also available for internal compressed air regulation!
 Article number:  DL 050 10   - external 
 Article number:   DL 050 11   - internal 

General Accessories

 Soft hose

Flexible, cold-proof corrugated stainless steel tube hose is used to reduce the size of the pellets in the hose. This produces a finer blast result. The 100% silicone free hose is also suitable for cleaning delicate components. 

Available in the following lengths:
5 meter  Article number:    103 33 
7 meter  Article number:   103 37 
10 meter  Article number:   103 38 

 Alutex protective sleeve

Particularly suitable for foundries because of its guaranteed heat resistance to temperatures of up to 350C.

7 meter  Article number:  110 44 
10 meter  Article number:    112 21 
- Other length on request! -     

 Flex Fit

Articulated coupling system made of anodised aluminium for easy blasting above the head.

Pressure range to max. 16 bar (90 psi)
 Article number:    520 000 

 Low temperature grease

Use of this grease makes it easy to change the compressed air nozzles and blast nozzles.

 Article number:    105 98 

 Ice shovel

For comfort when filling the hopper on the blasting system with dry ice pellets.

 Article number:   AS 070 05 

 Membrane filter incl. sub micro filter

To protect the pneumatic components and to dry the control air of the blasting units. Especially suitable, if the compressed air used doesn't comply with the specification requirements (to moist). In combination it ensures optimum protection.

 Article number:   DL 050 07 
- Can be retrofitted at any time! -

 SQS CO2-control gas warning system basic package

If the CO2 concentration araund the sensor unit gets to high, an optical and an acoustical alarm will be activated. additional warning and ventilation sys-tems can be activated.

consisting of:
sensor unit, warn unit and connection splitter (insert)
 Article number:   SA 060 01 

Safety Equipment

 Ear protection - Peltor
Reliable hearing protection from the noise development while blasting.
Peltor Optime II up to 110 dB (L Aeq8)
 Article number:   AS 070 01  
Peltor Optime III up to 120 dB (L Aeq8)
 Article number:   AS 070 15  

 Protective goggles

Dependable eye protection against blasted off particles.

 Article number:   AS 070 13 

 Ear protection with face guard

Reliable hearing and face protection while blasting.

 Article number:   AS 070 02  

 Dust mask

Dependable air way protection against blasted off particles.

 Article number:   VM 110 04 

 Vision 2000 super respiratory protection set

Protective helmet with integrated respiratory protection, recommended when blasting in confined spaces.

 Article number:   AS 070 04 

 One way coverall with hood

The protective suit will protect your clothing from blasted of particles. It complies with European norm for personal protective clothing.

 Article number:   AS 070 11   - size XL  
 Article number:   AS 070 12    - size XXL  

 Work cloves

Robust work gloves to protect your hands while blasting with dry ice.

 Article number:   AS 070 07